Free Board Management Software

You’re likely to be aware that board management software can be expensive. While some providers offer free alternatives for smaller businesses some require a cost for subscriptions that aren’t always affordable for small businesses and start-ups. There are many options that are either free or cost-effective.

Streamline your board meetings. The best board portals include a range of tools to streamline the process of holding meetings starting with document preparation prior to meetings to distribution afterward. There are features like a directory of members, page synchronization and laser pointer tools. Others allow a virtual meeting with video conferencing and voting or provide a simple method for board members to take resolutions and minutes by using an electronic signature.

A reputable service will offer a backup service to ensure that data isn’t lost, as well as a variety of security protocols, such as bank-grade encryption to keep information safe. In addition, a majority of providers allow you to try a trial version of their software before you make an agreement, which allows you to look at the options and select the one that’s right for you.

It’s easy to understand how a board portal software can help you save money when you consider the cost of maintaining and distributing traditional books printed on paper. The software removes the necessity for printer cartridges, paper binding machines, binders, and overnight delivery fees from courier services. It also eliminates the requirement to send up-to-date versions of documents, such as PowerPoint presentations, thus reducing the time and expense of sending the same file to each person in your group again and again.

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