Developing a Strategic Board Agenda

A well-defined agenda for the board is the basis to conduct every meeting. It helps ensure that each discussion has its goal and prevents getting lost in the details. But preparing an effective strategic board meeting takes more than simply the appropriate format for your agenda. Board members must be prepared for the meeting and be ready to participate in productive discussions.

One of the most important things that a board can do to ensure an effective meeting is to read the materials for the board prior to the meeting. This will help them original site to familiarize themselves with the material and to prepare questions for the meeting. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to increase participation by encouraging everyone to bring their unique viewpoints to the table.

Focusing on the content, not the format is another important aspect to be aware of in order to plan a productive board meeting. Board meetings should be efficient and focused. Therefore, it is essential to sequence topics in a systematic manner, starting by focusing on the topics that are crucial and timely. Then, move on to the ones that build upon those. Don’t forget to make a space in the meeting for business that is new. This is the ideal time for board members to have generative discussions which will help propel the organization forward.

With more hands-on work asked by Boards in recent years it’s not uncommon for meetings to drift off topic and become more lengthy than they should be. One way to avoid this from happening is to keep the information on a dashboard for the board at a strategic level and prioritize it.

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