How to Have an Effective Board Meeting

An effective board meeting is an essential element of a successful governance. It’s where the Board of Directors comes together to discuss and decide on company-critical issues, ensuring that the business is moving in the right direction. Although it can be daunting There are a few simple guidelines that can ensure you’re having productive discussions and taking effective decisions throughout your meetings.

Planning ahead and sharing the agenda for the meeting with all participants prior to the scheduled time is essential. An organized agenda will outline the most important topics to be discussed and set a reasonable amount of time for each discussion. This will ensure that meetings do not end up getting off-topic, becoming overly repetitive or turning into an exclusive forum for a few people to contribute instead of an inclusive dialogue by the entire Board.

Prioritize two issues that need to be discussed at each meeting. This is a well-known best practice that helps to focus discussions and limit the number of items to be discussed during the meeting. It also allows for discussion and a decision to take place around each issue, not only updating. The book for the board allows an easy sharing of updates and a little time can be allocated to them during the meeting.

Make clear how decisions will be reached. Doing so ensures that all participants are aware of the process of making decisions and be on the same page when it comes to resolving disagreements as well as reaching consensus. It also establishes expectations for the types of discussions to be held during the meeting, for example, finding common ground and discussing the various perspectives or resolving disagreements through a voting procedure.

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